Thursday, May 7, 2009


Yesterday we went to Rachel's ballet recital.

Basically, it was a regular class that all the parents were allowed to sit in on.

It was so fun to see what the girls have been up to in the past weeks.

They all looked adorable!

And so feminine and elegant too!

Their teacher did a wonderful job!

And the girls all seemed to love her:

I'm so glad Rachel's had this opportunity. She's been waiting for the chance for a long time.

The sun is out finally! It looks gorgeous and we're off for a walk in a few minutes after I get dinner started and a few more chores taken care of.


Karen Reyburn said...

absolutely beautiful! I would love to be at that class with a camera! The opportunities are limitless :)

She looks so elegant and grown up...sigh...

Lovella said...

Oh she is a beautiful little girl ..
and about your postscript. .
oh goodness. . I am laughing. . thinking that someday. . my boys will be saying. . .mom. . did you use the bathroom. . we're going out for lunch. . oh dear. .what goes around. . comes around..
Poor little tyke. . I'd wet myself too at the thought of an ortho appointment. . give him a hug from me. .

Alaina said...

That is hilarious! I think I could quite possibly have missed it as well! Are they able to help you at the ortho school?

The ballet pictures are so cute! What a great experience for Rachel - I still remember my ballet lessons.

Christina said...

Rachel is so beautiful! what fun it must have been to watch her. Poor little James -- he'll get the hang of it. But it's hilarious that the dr said that to you. I wonder if it had double meaning! Ha!

Heather said...

Our sweet girl has her ballet recital coming soon too - so much work for the older girls, but a wonderful experience too! So funny about your 'damp' boy - I think this has happened to every mum at one point or another! We had a very damp girl on adoption day and I didn't realize until after I took her back from doing the rounds of case workers, both grandma's, bailiff, clerk of courts, the Judge and her daddy that her diaper had majorly let her down - I was surprised we didn't get a dry cleaning bill from the Judge! Her robes were - ahem - quite damp!

Ruth MacC said...


Anonymous said...

She looks so cute!