Wednesday, May 27, 2009

More Peonies

Michael came home yesterday from a visit to friends with this gorgeous bouquet! Peonies. Ahhhh.... they smell so wonderful. I feel like carrying this vase around with me throughout the day, just so I don't miss any of that loveliness.

I've been up to the farm and back. I snuck a quick visit to my sister (Christina) and saw the incredible jacket she is designing for a contest. She says it will be available free when she's done. I can't wait!

The weather is hot and humid. None of the promised rain. My work's cut out for me, so I better run.


The syders said...

How pretty...I love peonies!

Mrs J said...

They would make my hayfeaver so onto overload I guess, but I love the photo!

Amy K said...

Actually, I was driving around today and saw numerous peonies blooming and thought of you. Didn't you plant some recently? They have to be one of my favorite flowers. Very beautiful!