Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Green + White = Pink

One of my favorite teas just now is a pot made of decaf green tea mixed with a teaspoon of earl grey white tea. The result takes on a decidedly pink hue (even more so than visible here).

We are firmly into the month of May now. It is one of my favorite months. Everything is green and lush and full of promise. May was the month we always prepared for overseas travel the three years that Christina and I travelled together and the return of the very same weather brings back those memories. I love the new leaves on the trees, the white-gray sky and the moisture everywhere.
Congratulations to Emily on her successful completion of the Mini Marathon this past Saturday! We are very proud of her. She did her best time yet (somewhere around 2 hr and 19 min I believe).
We've been spending a lot of time gardening or preparing to garden in recent days. It's very exciting to see all the perennials coming up and growing bigger!
Today we'll be doing school, going food shopping, and working on chores as well as trying to enjoy the mild May weather!

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