Thursday, May 14, 2009

Tea, Books, and Knitting

Last Friday we took some time out to sit down, drink tea, visit with a friend, and knit. It was a very relaxing and enjoyable time. Our friend is a librarian, and a great source for new books to read (in fact, many that I do read are recommended by her).

Tea is always a necessity. This "pink tea" is becoming a favorite:

We all had our various projects. This is a baby cardigan.

Janet was working on a crocheted afghan.

I came away from our get-together with a list of books, websites, and ideas. I learned about At this site you can find lists and lists of fun mysteries to read. You can also find more lists at I intend to use this site when searching by country (since I do enjoy British books). And any day now my friend at is going to post her compilation of good books on cozy houses, tea, etc. I can't wait!

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Monica said...

Beautiful knitting. I'm intrigued by the pink tea, I'm going to have to try some soon:).