Friday, May 8, 2009

The Violets

For some reason my violets are doing particularly well right now. I've even moved them to the dining table so we can all enjoy them.

I can't believe how many blooms some of the plants have sprouted. I had a plant in Scotland that was even more prolific, but these are doing pretty well!

Their bright, cheery faces make me happy.

And set in a line down the table, with lilac candles at each end,

it looks very elegant.

It's wet out, but not raining. School is done for the week (one more week left), and the garden is due to be tilled this afternoon (if it's not too soggy). In the mean time, we're set to have tea and a good knit with an old friend.


Joel and Stacey said...

What is your secret? I inherited one that has not bloomed in years. Then it did have a few blooms last year, but nothing so far this year. What do I need to do?

Thoughts on Life and Millinery. said...

I miss having my violets blooming like yours. They are being neglected terribly after the indignity of being shipped from Texas to Utah in plastic drink cups. I still have not re-potted them into their usual pots and so they are sulking bloomless in the laundry room. Your pictures have made me realize what I am missing because of my neglect!

Heather said...

Your violets remind me of my sweet Nanny - she was a 'dab hand' at getting her 'pretties' to bloom profusely! You're are lovely - and the table is the perfect spot to enjoy their subtle beauties!