Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Mother's Day

Sunday was a lovely Mother's Day.

The newest mom in the family hosted us all for a beautiful dinner.

Two mothers who are also grandmothers-to-be graced the table:

There were flowers everywhere!

The weather was just warm enough to eat in the sunroom:

The children surprised me with homemade flowers made with a neighbor, secretly, last week:

Christina's butterfly china decorated the table:

JK grilled our favorite meal:

We had a wonderful Italian salad complete with peperoncini and black olives:

We also had a delightful fruit salad, rice and rolls to accompany the meat:

Pink was definately the theme:

Afterward there were cards and presents:

And special jewelry:

Rachel finished a dishcloth for Auntie C:

And we ended the afternoon with strawberry shortcake and tea:

We spent yesterday hauling away the sod from the garden and getting mulch for the flower beds. I think today is the day to have the garden tilled! I picked out plants last night and I am SO excited! There are some good ones!


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I love the bracelets.

They look so much like the jewelry I bought my Mom when I was little.

They are worth more than the queen's crown jewels. :)

Andria said...

Beautiful, beautiful! I loved every picture--esp. you with your kiddos. =) Looks like it was a very special day! Thank you for posting!

Amy K said...

The kabobs look amazing. I suddenly am very hungry.