Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Garden 102

Last night the weather was perfect for turning my lump of clay into a garden full of gorgeous dirt!
Our friend, Sam, very kindly offered to come till for us.

After several hours of tilling, a bale and a half of rotting straw, 4 bales of peat moss and 3 bags of manure, plus some lime, the dirt was looking pretty good!
We got the garden planted this morning and finished just as the rain began to come down.

It looks like we have a drainage problem to deal with. The drain pipe comes a little too close to the garden.

I shall have to carefully make a list of all that we planted. It includes 5 different kinds of tomatoes, 6 kinds of peppers, 2 kinds of cucumbers, 8 kinds of squash, 5 kinds of basil, and a variety of lettuces and radishes.

See all those pots in the first picture? They are waiting to be filled and planted with a variety of herbs as well as some flowers. Progress is being made!!!!!


Christina said...

It looks really good! Can't wait to see things sprouting up! You have a ton of pots! Wow!

Monica said...

Great work! I'm sure there is lots of yummy food to follow.

Andrew said...

It looks great!

With regard to your drainage problem, you should get a rain barrel to collect the water! They say rainwater is better to water with than city water, anyway, so you'd be killing two birds with one stone. I want to get some rain barrel, too, but they won't be nearly as convenient to the garden as yours is!