Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Little Lambs

We all enjoyed watching the sheep last week on our outing. They are so beautiful in their own way.

And the little lambs were so playful:

Looking at scenes like this evokes a sense of calm and peace:

Interspersed by play, of course:

A perfect day for a sheep:

My little lambs have spent the morning at the library and are just now nearing the end of their rest time. The weather here is warm and humid. It was too cool this morning to go to the pool, but I'm sure it won't be long before that's where we'll be spending a lot of our time.
The weekend was nice -- despite some bad weather we enjoyed time with a number of different friends and family. A food highlight was a Lemon-Blueberry Trifle. I'm sure you will hear more about it sometime since Michael has declared it the only trifle so far that he actually loves!
We have a busy week of hospitality, Knit Night (Thursday), etc. In between there are so many projects I want to get to: organizing my closet, sewing flowers, knitting, sorting yarn, unravelling sweaters. :) Enjoy your week!


Ruth MacC said...

Looking at yur beautiful photos really relaxed me. Sounds like your week ahead is good and busy. We have a busy week too starting with my birthday in about 40 minutes, I should be asleep!!!

Lovella said...

.. .so serene. . .and pastoral.

Mrs J said...

You could be in England!