Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The Garden 101

The time seemed right this year to start a vegetable garden. Thanks to inspiration from Willow and Rachel, along with many books and magazines and chats with local friends, we are hopefully going to enjoy some home-grown produce this summer!

Our plot is 12.5 feet by 17 feet and was mostly de-sodded by a dear friend who took it upon himself to make sure we got started on this project! Thank you so much!!!!

Michael did the final bit and the kids all had a blast playing in the muddy dirt.

What could be more fun than stomping in a mud-hole. Now how to get those shoes clean????

If the rain lets up we may have the garden tilled later this week. It's been another rainy day and I'm sure soccer will be cancelled again.
Poor David had to make a trip to the dr's today as his fever is re-occuring. A new and stronger antibiotic is the answer (we hope). Andrew seems to have come down with the high fever too (but no other symptoms).
On a brighter note, today is Rachel's ballet recital and we're also planning to have a visit from out of town friends we haven't seen in quite a long time.


Margaret said...

I'm excited to see your garden. That's something I hope to someday have a space for.

Lovella said...

oh boy .. I need a garden bad. . .and as always. . your children are adorable. . love that little guy.

Amy K said...

What a good size garden! Can't wait for more updates and pictures of all kinds of things growing there. I bought a little tomato plant and some herbs at Lowe's. That, and flowers, will probably be it for me this year. Maybe next year ... :)

lil_misssunshine said...

Some day I want to have my own garden and grow things! Some day! Your patch looks really good though, excited for you guys! Carla x

Christina said...

love your garden! I'm so sorry about the kids -- let me know how the doctor's appt goes. I'm sure they are going to think they have H1N1.

Heather said...

Fantastic! I'm so excited for you - what a great start - may the Lord bless your garden with more 'harvest' than weeds! And no bunnies or slugs! Be sure to wrap a bit of newspaper around the stem of your tomato plants to discourage the horn worms - they were bad last year.

Fantastic! is also my answer for the filthy garden shoes! Honestly - I've been doing this for years - on Saturday night (because they will have their church shoes on on Sunday) I throw the mudroom mat ( to muffle the noise) and all the non-leather shoes in the washing machine - well sprayed with Fantastic! They always surprise me by coming out so clean! I set them out to dry with their laces wide open, and by mid afternoon when play shoes are needed once again, they are usually fine!

It works so well that I used to have a dear old soul (possessing a sadly critical spirit) remark every time she saw our children on how often I bought them NEW shoes - she thought 'the pastor's wife' wasn't as miserly as I ought to be! I tried to explain about my Fantastic trick, but she wouldn't believe that the shoes were just washed and not new! There are a few brands (Wal*Mart,Mudd and Candies) that don't hold up long under this treatment, but all of our New Balance, Reebok, Asic, Addidas, Fila and Nike shoes (bought on sale at the shoe outlet) still look like new when we hand them down!

willow said...

You should be able to grow quite a bit in that space, nice and bright which most veggies love. I will be following your gardening project, perhaps the boys will be as keen on weeding as they are at running in the garden!