Wednesday, May 20, 2009

End of School Celebration

Yesterday we spent a lovely few hours at Conner Prairie an "interactive history park."

We started with a visit to the animal barn:

Every garden we went by we stopped to look and chat and take mental notes for what we wanted to add to our collection:

The wood shop was just gorgeous and I took these pictures for Michael....

....just to dream about a day when he has such a shop.

Baby Cakes spent much of his time being carried about by an obliging Grandma.

A picnic of salami, cheese, good bread, strawberries and fig newtons was enjoyed in the baseball park:
Conner Prairie's newest addition is a helium balloon.

A wheelbarrow just his size! Grandma is now determined he needs one:

While Rachel was "doing chores" in the farmyard, the boys were enjoying being with Grandma:

What can be more fun than water play!

Look at these crazy chickens!!! This is for you, Willow! Apparently the chickens are trying to stay cool (it was only in the low 70's):

And the rooster, whom we decided looked just like Bob in Bob the Rooster (David's favorite book):

And how did we end up in school just when we thought it was over!

The temperature is going up today -- into the lower 80's. I finally managed to get up early and start my chores. The garden is watered and the lettuce is poking through!!!! Now, I'm off to teach child #4 just how to be potty-trained!!!! Wish me luck! ;)


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Would you believe I have never visited Conner Prairie before? I've been to Old Sturbridge Village (love it!) when visiting my daughter, though.

Carla Quigley said...

Looks like a great day out! I'll be in the states this summer, I hope the weather stays nice!

Christina said...

Oh, it looks like it was so much fun. Next time I won't be so busy! Love that place... hope all goes well with potty training! You'll have to give me some tips when it's time for Baby John's training!

willow said...

Hi Heather, I enjoyed the chicken photos. Sage and Onion like settling down into the soil. I have one pot of soil especially for them, I didn't know it was anything to do with keeping cool, I'll make sure that its in the shade of we get the hot summer that is forecast.
I envy you having finished school for the summer. The last day of term here is in the third week of July and we often seem to have the best summer weather before the school holidays start. Never mind half-term holiday next week.

Amy K said...

What a great end-of-school-year celebration. CP is such a fantastic place for kids. I hear they've gotten more hands-on oriented in the past several years.

Lovella said...

Big sigh . .your children are all so adorable. I was looking tonight for a wee end of school prize for each of them. . .for when I send Andrew his payment for the flowers. . .(kind of how everyone gets a present at birthdays) and I just had to come and look at the children again. . .make sure I had counted right. . too fun.