Friday, May 22, 2009


Peonies are one of the prettiest flowers (in my opinion). Not only are the beautiful, but, they have an incredible perfume.

I wish these peonies were mine. However, they are not. I took the pictures at Conner Prairie earlier this week.

Don't you just love that shade of clean, pure pink!

My peonies are not fairing very well, yet. Only one of the 6 roots have made appearance. I haven't given up hope for the rest. The three transplants are still alive. They haven't grown much, but aren't showing any signs of giving up. I hope they will feel happier in their new home next year.

If this peony were edible, it would be very tempting indeed!

We even saw a red peony variety -- interesting, with it's single layer of petals:

I hope you all have a pleasant weekend! We are making progress on potty training(!) as well as my overhaul of the kitchen. The weather is wonderful and I am really, really enjoying having no school! I have so much more time for housework! :)


Catherine said...

Don't despair over your peonies! I just had a peony appear in my front flower bed last year that I never planted. I assume it came via the dirt I put in the year we moved into our house, so it was three years later that a plant appeared. Last year, the first year it came up, I had three blooms. This year there are nearly 20 buds! It may just take some time.

Monica said...

Beautiful! I have visions of having these some peonies some day.

Heather said...

Your peonies will come - they hate to be disturbed, but if they survived the transplant, they will 'rest' for a year and than thrive! I have a huge one that needs more light to thrive, but I am reluctant to move it for fear I'll kill it!
Did you know that peonies dry beautifully? If they are cut before they are fully open and hung upside down they dry really nicely and make very intensely fragrant dried arrangements. I keep hoping Mr. Neighbor will offer us a bouquet before the rains come and ruin his peonies - I want a few to enjoy and some to dry for future enjoyment!

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

I planted two peony bushes (actually sticks) last fall and I thought they didn't take because they only grew about two feet high this spring.

Then I read that this is normal when they have been planted or transplanted. (Whew!)

We've decided to transplant our beautiful peony bush which is located under the dogwood tree. As the tree has grown, it shades the peony bush too much. I hope it takes the transfer.

Lovella said...

I went out and had a peek at my peonies again today. . .they are nearly as tall as up to my armpits. . .and I have lots of stems. . .
I always think of Rachel .. .and found myself wondering how on earth I'll get peonies across the border when she is a bride.