Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Brown County

I've been collecting pictures! Thanks to Amy and my sister, I think I have enough for a few posts -- perhaps enough until I get my camera back!

Last Friday evening we headed to Brown County to enjoy the beautiful scenery, dinner with friends, and a walk around the lake in the dark. We had so much fun!

The leaves have been beautiful this Fall.

The kids had fun playing beside the lake and cracking nuts found under the trees:

There was an adorable stone shelter (think Little House on the Prairie) that we had our dinner in, complete with plenty of candles and a roaring fire. Laura made pumpkin soup which was very, very good.

And here is the cook and the fire tender. Thanks for all your hard work!

After dinner we took our hike around the lake. All the children were given flashlights and had a blast using them on the walk:

Then it was time for roasting marshmallows and making s'mores around the fireplace.

Afterward, all the tired little ones were packed into the car and driven home. :)


Ruth MacC said...

I have to say that it is a real privilage to visit your blog and be blessed with the blessings God has blessed you with. (hope you got that!)

Just to see the photos of your Husband and children. Your family. To see what you are doing on a weekly basis and to be inspired by the little things you do. (Like putting a table cloth on a park table for a picnic, I love it!)

Keep up the good work.

Lovella said...

Heather what a wonderful outing with your family. You really have captured the essence of having fun, I love the walk around the lake with flashlights. I would even still love to do that. I bet your kids will be talking about it for years to come.