Friday, November 14, 2008

Six Random Things About Me

1. I noticed the other day that I only own black or green purses -- funny, isn't it?
2. I believe I've had the chicken pox three times -- and my children have not yet had it once.
3. I have lived in 17 different residences in 5 states, 3 countries and 3 continents.
4. My great uncle convinced me as a child to have my cavity filled without novicaine. He was right -- I did just fine. (It wasn't very big.)
5. After the second grade, I never went to school -- I was homeschooled. People find that very interesting -- especially mothers who are presently homeschooling their own children. It's as if they think, "Oh my, there are actually homeschooled children who have made it to adulthood." Either that or they're thinking, "That's why she's so weird." :) It's also why I find homeschooling my children to feel very "normal."
6. As a child I really wanted to be a spy, or maybe President.

1 comment:

Heather said...

You'd make a great president, I think - at least you would be pro-life and pro-homeschool! You'd solve the financial crisis with common sense thrift and sit everyone down for tea and scones to teach all the countries a bit about civility and human kindness. I'm sure you'd have the G-8 summit members knitting socks whilst they ironed out compromises!
You are currently a wonderful CEO and your subordinates are obviously thriving under your care - so you really have the very best job in the whole world!