Friday, November 7, 2008

The Long-Awaited Flowers

Long after the event, I finally have more pictures to show you from our flower day back in October.

We started with this bunch of flowers:

Boutonnieres were first on the list:

Peacock feathers were a theme throughout the entire wedding. I've been noticing them now in other decorating books:
Here we are, hard at work with plenty of good fellowship:

I transferred my food to coolers and we kept the bouquets and boutonnieres in my fridge overnight:
Em was the mastermind behind it all. She did a great job!

One of the large arrangements at the front of the church:

The mother of the groom made the cake and we decorated it:

The runner was strewn with rose petals and peacock feathers. Since Emily did the job, do you suppose she counts as the "flower girl"?

The wedding colors were red and black. The photos don't really do justice to the color of the bouquets, but they looked really nice with the black dresses:

Wrapped in red, Ashley's bouquet looked particularly nice!

And here are the fish arrangements. Em had to source 9 red beta fish for the event, keep them alive, and then give them away afterwards. Em had done a practice run 6 weeks earlier and her beta fish became attached to her, so she had to keep him.

Turning around at the reception what did I see?

Petals were handed out for the goodbye: Then the happy couple went off in their car:

I discovered these pretty faces in the restroom:
A close-up of the bride's bouquet:
And, for my British friends, a picture of the signing of the marriage license. Over here it is never done in the ceremony. Michael has to rush around and try to get the appropriate people to sign before they leave the reception:

That's it! It was a really fun event and so fun to work with all the lovely flowers!


Monica said...

So I guess you have your camera back?

I love these colors. Everyone did a great job.

Lovella said...

oh goodness, what amazing pictures, the flowers are just wonderful, you girls have a real gift with flowers.
I so enjoyed the wedding peek. We always sign the register in the ceremony. I thought everyone did.

Alaina said...

Great pictures! I'm so glad you're camera is back! We actually signed ours in the ceremony - lit a unity candle and then signed and had it witnessed by our best man and maid of honor. But it does seem the exception around here - I've only seen it done maybe one other time.

Alaina said...

*your* camera...sorry about that. :)

Amy K said...

Actually I've seen a few weddings (I was in one of them) where the bride and groom signed the certificate during the ceremony. Is that common in GB?

Carla Quigley said...

the peacock feathers look really nice! what an unusual idea!