Monday, November 3, 2008

Over The Top

My sister urged me to peer out the window tonight. A few houses up the street, what did I see?

CHRISTMAS LIGHTS, garland, and red bows decorating a neighbor's house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot believe it! The week of Thanksgiving is one thing (although still a bit early) but two days after Halloween!

I was just thinking today how nice this Fall has been and how as yet I do not feel pressured into rushing headlong into Christmas. I do think that the week of 70-degree weather is helping with this. :)

Now I feel somewhat gyped, as though my lovely Fall has just been torn away. I think I'll just have to close my eyes everytime I pass by, at least for the next four weeks.

On a more encouraging note, I do have some pictures waiting to be uploaded! A friend kindly took photos and sent them to me after our outing together on Friday. Once I have a bit of time, I'll put them up.

It's election day tomorrow!!! I hope you all (Americans) are going out to vote and then getting your free cup of coffee from Starbucks!


Christina said...

I was in Walmart y'day and they were playing CHRISTMAS CAROLS! I nearly died! I can't believe it. I love the holidays, but please, let's enjoy one at a time.

I voted and I got my free Starbucks!

Lovella said...

Maybe I'll come down and tell them I would be very happy to vote. . .I can't help I'm a Canadian .. .do you think that would get me a free Starbucks?
All the best for todays election. . .we're praying that God is glorified in the outcome.

No Christmas lights yet. . .ah. . crazy.

Alaina said...

That's crazy about the lights! I guess they will have plenty of time to enjoy them. :) I enjoyed my free Starbucks...I'm disappointed in the current election returns.

Heather said...

Our neighbours across the way had their Christmas light service come and do the 'light dance' already - they have also been planting more trees this week - fully mature and ready to be lit as well! Living across from a mansion estate has it's fun moments! the folks who put up the lights make it look like it's a choreographed dance! Thankfully, after the 'test run' to make sure all the lights were in place, they have turned them off until after Thanksgiving!