Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Putting a Face with a Name

Today the kids and I drove up north to pick up milk for our milk co-op. We have several cow shares and thus get our milk straight from a farm.

We've named "our cow" Posie, and that's how we refer to the milk -- Posie milk. Today we actually got to see the cows, and perhaps put a face with the name. What do you think?

It was fun to see the farm and all the cows and it's nice that the children know exactly where milk comes from!

Do the pictures communicate how cold it is?! It's in the 30's and it's been in the 20's at night!

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Lovella said...

yup, looks cold. . oh good job on letting the children see the real deal. Too many kids have no clue where their food comes from. Too bad they couldn't do a field trip to our farm too.