Monday, November 24, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Part I

Rachel turned 8 last Friday! She had a lovely day, beginning with breakfast out at Bob Evans with Daddy.
The requested cake was Lemon, with pink icing:

It was a special treat to have Michael's brother and his wife, along with their two boys (Ethan and Josh) here to help celebrate!

The rest of the (local) family joined us for cake and to watch Rachel open her presents. Everyone chipped in to give Rachel Felicity, an American Girl Doll.

Rachel was so surprised, and so happy.

Grandma arrived with flowers, of course:

After a nice evening the kids had a big slumber party with all the cousins in one room (except poor David who didn't know what he was missing).


Catherine said...

How fun that Rachel got Felicity! I got Kirsten (the American girl doll who is a pioneer) when I was about her age and it was the best gift EVER. It sounds like a lovely birthday.

Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

Elisabeth and Faith are getting American Girl dolls from their other Grandmother this year.

They will be so excited. :)