Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Morris-Butler House

Yesterday Michael and I toured the Morris-Butler House -- an historic home here in the city, which I had never heard about before.

I believe the home was built around 1865 by Mr. Morris. Morris was in the speculation business and lost his home 5 years later in the crash that came around 1870. Mr. Butler, a bankruptcy lawyer, bought the house. (Sound like a scenario that could happen today?)

The house is decorated in the Victorian era, and the parlor was all decked out for Christmas:

It is hard to take pictures without a flash in a house that is not full of natural light. This painting was hanging in the dining room. The house contained quite a few paintings by J. Cox:

The kitchen was beautiful! And, I found out they do classes here which I can sign my children up for!! How fun!

Here is the ice-box. I was surprised that ice-boxes were used that far back. My great-uncle used to tell me about his in the early 1920's.

It was so much fun to walk around the rooms and admire all the beautiful furnishings and hear tidbits of history:
The nursery was very inviting and I wanted to take home the child-sized hutch with the teasets and the lovely dolls nearby:
The sewing room was very appealing too -- can't you just imagine how much fun it would be to settle down in this cozy corner for a nice afternoon of stitching!

A bedroom on the third floor which would have been used for older children:

The surrounding neighborhood is filled with lovely older homes which I enjoy looking at:

While Michael and I were enjoying the 1860's, the children were going to school in the 1920's. They were delighted to go back to the One Room Schoolhouse once again:

James and David stayed in the 21st century and enjoyed a day with Grandma.
Our vacation is coming to an end. It has been a good time, with different forms of refreshment. The house has been cleaned today and hopefully we're in shape to begin what promises to be a very, very busy week.


Rachel L said...

Hi Heather,
I loved the pictures of the house - beautiful! And the children look so sweet - how fun that they can be involved too. Glad you've had a nice 2 week holiday.
Rachel L

willow said...

What lovely elegant houses. They must have been quite dark inside back then though, without any electric light.
Good to hear you've all had a nice break.

wendee said...

Aww Rachel and Andrew look very cute, although Andrew looks like he's not quite sure about this! LOL

Monica said...

I've never been to the Morris-Butler House, but always wondered what was inside. You'll have to post any activities you learn about to the BEAM.

Christina said...

Loved the pics of the house! I have never been there. Wouldn't it be fun to spend a week in a house like that?

Lovella said...

Oh what a wonderful place to visit. . oh the kids are so cute.