Monday, November 10, 2008

Conversations in a Thrift Store

Saturday I had the rare opportunity to go thrifting with my sisters. It was so much fun!!! We usually spend the whole time laughing because of the funny things we say to each other. Here's a glimpse (names removed for anonymity):

Everything in this section is $10. C'mon let's go to the other section!
SSSHHHHHH!!!! That man will hear you!!
That's okay. He works here. It's good for him to know the stuff is priced too high.

Isn't this cute!!!
(Nods, opens eyes wide, begins to reach for shirt)
What?! No. That's not cute. Don't even think about it.
Why is Heather taking pictures in the thrift store!?! I do not want a picture of me in this store on your blog!
She just got her camera back -- what do you expect?

Is this really in style right now?
Anything's in style right now.
Then why aren't I in style?
That's a good question. Why can't you just get it together?

Then we take our overloaded cart into the dressing room, which is closed only by a flimsy curtain. Someone stands guard while we take turns trying things on and hearing comments from everyone else.

No! We will never, ever let you wear that pair of jeans!!!! (before even trying them on)

Okay. Okay.

I guess I'm not a ________ size anymore (sad face).
You never were a _________ size!

That looks like lingerie. Don't get it!
Does this look like lingerie to you?? I don't think it does.
I don't know....

Look at the adorable piping on that jacket. Isn't it cute!
What? That looks hideous. What is wrong with it?
(Later): Ooo. Let me have that jacket. It's so cute. I'm going to try it on.

Check this out. What are people thinking!?
SHHHH!!! You're just like Mom. Why did we invite you?

Every 5 minutes: Why can't those children be quiet, or their mother do something to make them stop whining and crying?
Guys, I don't even hear it.
That's 'cause you're used to it!

And so, another trip to the thrift store came to a close. I was so happy that I found some good things!! And, I discovered on the same day that I now have a GOODWILL in my very own town!!! I could not contain my excitement when I found that out!


Christina said...

Well, everyone can tell that it was dear little Em who didn't want her pic taken in a THRIFT store! Ha! Too many pics of me but what can I say, we had a blast! =)

Ruth MacC said...

I met my 'fashion plate' sister tonight and she checked me out, turned on the car light, checked me out again and said. 'welcome to the 21st century'... That was her way of saying I looked good...

I didn't realy mind, thats the way she is! She has always been like that!

I love those kind of shops. Oh, and glad to see you have the camera back!

Lovella said...

oh how fun. It is so special to have sister time, no matter where it is. I would have been taking pictures too on my first day back with my camera . .

Rebekah said...

I could not stop laughing at your conversation! This post made me miss my sisters very much!