Saturday, November 1, 2008

I'm Still Here

I'm still here. Really, I am. It's just that my camera still is NOT here and my week has been very busy.

If I had my camera this week, here's what you would have seen:

--the brilliant, flaming red of our little maple tree out front, lit up by the warm rays of the sun

--my rhododendron: it's blooming! One dark mulberry bloom is courageously poking its head towards the sky -- whoever heard of that!

--the large bouquet of zinnias and cosmos that I picked the night before our first hard frost

--my neighbor's trees: stunning in their pumpkin orange and golden yellows with the light filtering through and illuminating their leaves. This has been such a beautiful Fall!

--the little stone cabin on a lake where we enjoyed a cozy fire, hot pumpkin soup and s'mores before a walk around the lake in the dark

--the fall bag and needle case I finally finished and need to post on Etsy

--the candy corn cookies I made which look pretty authentic!

Michael's taking two weeks of vacation beginning this Monday! We're just staying put, but we're looking forward to some relaxation. The weather for the next 6 days should be in the low 70's, upper 60's. I guess it's Indian Summer and the furnace is off! I'm hoping my camera is back early next week :). I'm not sure how much blogging I'll do during our vacation, but if I have my camera, I'm sure it will be hard to stay away. :)


Lovella said...

Heather, it is so amazing how dependent us bloggers are on our cameras. I decided on the second day of blogging that I would begin every post with a picture and it became sort of a thing. .. .but if my camera was in the hospital, I would do what you just did. . .become beautifully descriptive.
Have a wonderful holiday. . .ministry families need them so much. . .disconnect your phone. . .;D

Monica said...

I do hope you get your camera back in time for your vacation. I'm so glad for all of you to have some time to your very own selves. Enjoy!

Ruth MacC said...

Well, 'happy holidays' (you know what I mean!

Seán MacC said...

Hi Heather. Thank you for visiting my blog. Today is my mum and dad's anniversary. We're a family for six years.