Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Rachel's Birthday Part II

I decided to let Rachel have a birthday party this year since I've never had the energy to do a proper one before this. (It also helped that Thanksgiving did not fall in the same week this year!)

We started with a craft -- creatures made out of pinecones:

The girls had so much fun and I was very impressed with their creativity. Isn't this penguin adorable!

We had mice, penguins, birds, peacocks, ballerinas, and butterflies.

Oh, the girls were told to come in dress-up clothes.

Here they are, having fun:

I loved this butterfly --sort of a winter wonderland fairy:

Next the girls had a tea party. I bought the cake for a very good price at Trader Joe's and was very impressed with it. After baking cakes two days in a row, I refused to make another. :)

I had so much fun watching the girls enjoy themselves:

And some of us couldn't resist the pull of the craft table once the girls were finished:

With sugar coursing through veins, Rachel jumped up to get an hilarious Thanksgiving book to read to the girls at rapid pace -- I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie :

Then there were lots of fun presents to open:

The last hour was playtime and the children had a blast playing with Rachel's new dolls or pretending to be kings and queens. I think the party was a success. :)


Nancy said...

I loved seeing all the pictures! What a beautiful day, with beautiful accessories and food for a beautiful young woman! Congratulations to Rachel and thanks to the Mom and Dad who made it all possible (what a job, fixing all that food, Heather! You are amazing!)
Love y'all,
Mom LeF

Lovella said...

Oh what a wonderful tea party. .everyone dressed up and the table so pretty. I'm so glad she had such a great time. .
Your Rachel is a lovely young woman. . .

Ruth MacC said...

Ah, great looking party! I just love the way you set up the table. No papet plates etc.

I used to hole tea parties for my niece and nephed when I lived in Dublin and use all my good delph and glasses.

Even now, I normally use classes for children unless thy are particularly clumsy.

I think that was a good idea for a girl. Well done.

I peticularly like the photo of her with her doll. She is much more pretty than her gift!

Monica said...

The girls are still talking about what a great time they had. They all seem so much more grown up and lady like, don't they?