Saturday, December 6, 2014

Adventure at Burrowwood Inn

For many years I have wanted to go and spend a night with my mom where she lives and this Friday I actually got to go!!!! 

I was welcomed to "Burrowwood Inn" by the sight of a glowing fire through the windows as I came up the path to the front door. Of course that made me feel like I was at a bed and breakfast tucked in the backwoods of Vermont.
Mom showed me to my room and on the bed were little presents!

 Most of the afternoon we spent enjoying tea in mom's room and having another painting lesson or discussing art supplies to purchase.

We managed to get two paintings done!

Mom is "the cook" at Burrowwood where she stays with a very dear friend of ours. While mom cooked I finished up all the ornaments I've been stitching for Emily's store.

Dinner was delicious -- lemon and olive chicken with a persimmon salad. Yum! We enjoyed conversation with the other "Burrowwood residents" and passed around the salad until we'd all had thirds at least.

Here's a glimpse at the sitting room. I love it! It steps right out of a book to me.

After dinner we were talking about wool and felt and our dear friend pulled this coat out of nowhere. It belonged to her late husband (who had also been a very dear friend) and she insisted I should have it to make something with. Oh no! I am not making something with that coat! I am wearing it! I LOVE it!!! Check out all that wool plaid!!!!

Here's a finished painting -- a very particular local scene that I love because it looks like Vermont where I was born.

Mom's room and the painting displays:

While dinner was being cleaned up I sat down at the newly-tuned piano to play some Christmas carols. Very relaxing....

We ended the evening watching "Ernest Saves Christmas" and getting all the ornaments tagged. We had a very nice sleep and were up at 7 for tea in mom's room before oatmeal in the dining room and getting out to Goodwill by 8:55 a.m.

Yes! We did the annual Christmas Goodwill 50% off sale today! It's a family tradition!

Crowds, lines, and lots of good deals, not to mention family fun!

 I loved this blanket I saw but there were far too many holes for me to think about fixing it.

After shopping we headed down to the soon-to-be Wildwood Market in Fountain Square!!!!! This is Emily and Craig's exciting enterprise!

Mom and Christina set up a lovely lunch for everyone to enjoy.

And we all stood around admiring the garage-turned-shop and thinking about the future.

Then there were presents to open as we celebrated Rachel's, Emily's, and my birthday.

Then we put ourselves to work washing windows, touching up paint, etc. and after a few hours stopped for this amazing cake made by Christina.

Rachel worked on homework in the front window -- we just can't wait to return for coffee and Saturday morning knitting in this window!!!!!

Here are the sisters! Even though we live so close it seems that with our busy schedules it is harder to get together as often any more.

 Singing -- oh yes! Craig has a December birthday too!

Then it was time to go home and say goodbye to the Burrowwood adventure. Maybe I can do it again next year!!!


Anonymous said...

Oh that all looks like so much fun. The "Burrowwood Inn" looks incredibly welcoming and cosy. And that jacket - amazing! I have a tweed patchwork piece, not finished in any way, that I bought at a tailor's in Aberdeen that was going out of business. He told me it was a kind of sampler to show customers the various weaves and colours they could have a jacket made of. Someday I will finish it and make it into a throw. A belated happy birthday to you, Heather!

Karen Reyburn said...

I love this so much!!! Missing you and want to come visit!!

HeatherMavis said...

"Burrowwood Inn" looks and sounds so interesting and lovely and your Mother lives there.
So you play the piano too? You and your family are all so blessed with talent , ambition and industry!
Happy Birthday - AGAIN - God's love and blessings be multiplied to you.

elizabeth said...

wow, what a special time you've had! so glad!!!