Thursday, December 11, 2014

December 11

I've been trying to get up early (7am) as much as I can this month. Now that I am not milk-dependent as a tea drinker I can keep our extra tea kettle upstairs in my bathroom and make tea for myself as soon as I get up! My closet/bathroom is quite large -- it is our bathroom, closet, library/sitting area and craft storage/work area. So I can hang out in my own little apartment for the first hour or so of the day. When we first moved here we laughed at the crazy big closet. Now I give thanks.

We started a movie about Gershwin today in school. This gave me some time to knit on Laura's present. It's going to be cute. I didn't realize it was going to be 15 inches tall though -- that's a lot of knitting.

I took an hour for tea with my neighbor, which is our weekly tradition. Sometimes another neighbor or two joins us. Then it was time to go home and bake 15 dozen sugar cookies in preparation for the middle school youth group dinner at our house!

As you can see, I got the cookies done! And some dinner cooked. It was fun to have 10 kids around the table for dinner. For some of my friends that is their normal family size. Middle schoolers have a lot of energy though.....seemingly more than highschoolers, possibly in competition with preschoolers.

Now I am ready for rest! Which means knitting in bed and maybe reading a few pages of a novel. Thanks for the suggestions on Christmas reading I've received so far! I think we need more authors willing to write for this genre!

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elizabeth said...

wow, 15 dozen cookies!!! :)))) looks lovely and wonderful to have so many kids over!!! your little apartment sounds wonderful esp for a busy Mom!!! Were you ever able to get the brand so-delicious coconut creamer? I just tried it (we are in the Nativity fast and so no cream for me) and it's lovely!!! God bless your day!