Monday, December 15, 2014

December 13

Saturday, the day I always optimistically think I'll get everything done that hasn't been done yet in the week. There was plenty of desk work to do and then a mountain of ironing (which at least allowed me to watch some of the Bakery Bears recent knitting podcast) and shopping lists to make.

I dragged the kids out to Costco on our way to Grandma's church for their Christmas presentation. We finished there so quickly that I decided to drag them over to Trader Joe's as well, thus eliminating more future errands.

This was the first year we have been able to go with my mom to her Christmas program. We all enjoyed the beautiful music and presentations. I even saw an old friend! I had hoped to run into her but figured with two days, three performances, and many thousands of people what was the chance? But who should walk in and sit down right behind us?!

Fortunately there were leftovers for dinner and that meant I could hop right into cooking for Sunday, painting another sign for Emily, sewing some bunting, and eventually getting to bed myself.

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