Saturday, December 20, 2014

December 20

Less than a week now until Christmas! I think I'm ready for the marathon to be over! I am working hard to be content with the amount of work, etc. and I am thankful for much grace. But, I'm glad it won't last forever!

I was up early this morning tackling as much baking as I could: tea rings, thumbprint cookies, shortbread, soup. Incidentally, someone asked for a link to the thumbprint cookies. Here it is. I used jam instead of chocolate and put the jam in the cookies before baking.

There were military-like helicopters flying low and slow over our house this morning. It made me think of so many places where that sound would send panic through a mother's body. I am so thankful I can look out the window and wonder what is up rather than screaming to hide my children somewhere. I take the peace we have here for granted.

My dad and his wife came for lunch today before the children's piano recital. The kids enjoyed the visit and loved the gifts he brought. They accompanied us to the annual Christmas recital. My favorite part is the end where all the students surround their teacher on stage and play together.

After the recital it was time to play chauffeur to the high school youth group and then work on getting my ducks in a row for tomorrow's lunch. Oh, I do want to tell you about my current favorite winter salad: salad greens, sliced Fuyu persimmons (washed but not peeled -- the peel is edible), dried cranberries and toasted pecans. Dressing: juice of 1 orange, canola oil in twice the amount of orange juice, 1-2 Tbsp. red wine vinegar, salt and pepper. It is so good!!!

And now it is time to stop work and rest! Tomorrow is another Lord's Day! Good thing! It's the only way I can survive this craziness.

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elizabeth said...

what a lot of business! God bless and keep you my friend!