Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Just the Wool...

Now that Christmas is over it is time for a round up of the handmade happenings around here this past month! Ginny over at Small Things is doing a Yarn-A-Long today just for that purpose!

I made a couple of plaid wreaths -- one for my pantry door and the other for the front door.

They were super easy and quite inexpensive to make. I bought styrofoam forms at the dollar store and used thrifted plaid cut in strips to cover the forms then added either some felt holly or some inexpensive "picks" from the craft store.

I sewed a tea cozy for myself, my mom, and Christina out of 6 vintage-y Christmas placemats I had picked up at Goodwill Outlet this summer. I had been contemplating for a long time how to best use them and I was happy with how they turned out and it meant that three households could enjoy them instead of just one at a time!

 I spent the first week of December getting 70 ornaments ready for Emily and Craig's shop! I made piles of holly and invented a new ornament -- the plaid heart.

I also sewed this purse from recycled wool for Emily's birthday, at her request. I took the basic pattern for the knitting project zip cases and added handles to it. I was excited with how it turned out and had high hopes of sewing one for myself in red plaid but that idea had to get thrown out. :)

I took part in my first ever calligraphy exchange with members of the Flourish Forum. It was great fun and I loved receiving cards from the others.

 I had promised a friend a wool tea cozy with a caboose on it and got it finished just in time to send it in the mail!

The other side had a tree on it.

And the polka dots inside gave it a bit of a modern flair.

Laura was the only one that I made homemade Christmas presents for. She received a large Velveteen Rabbit and this tiny one for her doll.

Here is Laura showing off some of the clothes I made for her baby doll.

And here she is with the Velveteen Rabbit, whom she really loves! I was very happy with how this pattern turned out.

I had the most fun sewing this Moses Basket complete with a pillow and blanket. I used vintage sheets for the basket and pillow. I think Laura was happy with all her gifts. :)

Phew.....Christmas creating is over for now! But, I do have a list of things that I am working on or need to be working on. I'm making progress on my blue sweater!!! And also on a vest for Laura.

For links to everyone else's Christmas creations, visit Ginny's Yarn-A-Long.


harknessangels said...

Wonderful gifts! They are all fabulous!

Kathy said...

I love those plaid wreaths. I might be stealing that idea for next year.

elizabeth said...

the pictures esp of the door with wreathes and the purse are stunning! how lovely! :))))

reader19 said...

Oh! How lovely to see those two bunnies!!!! Precious! I bet Laura does indeed adore the doll carrier and extra's! What a great job you did making all those lovely gifts! I also am so impressed with the purse you did! Wow! Thanks for sharing the things you made, and especially the gifts for Laura! Much love and hugs to you!