Tuesday, December 16, 2014

December 16

David came food shopping with me early this morning since he needs to find a present for Andrew. But, alas, all his looking yielded nothing he could decide upon so we came home empty-handed. The boys are working feverishly to finish up their writing class assignments for tomorrow. Andrew finishes his entire semester tomorrow and Rachel begins her three days of finals tomorrow.

There was baking to be done and the living room tidied for tea with a friend. I am so grateful to have a mentor to meet with monthly and this month she came to me since my schedule didn't allow for anything else. Michael kindly built us a fire and we enjoyed tea in the cozy living room, discussing the book we read for December. We took a break from the more serious books we read to enjoy Letters of a Woman Homesteader. I highly recommend this book. The author is a woman of great strength, ingenuity, determination, contentment, and beautiful words. Her book, set in the early 1900's, is as gripping as a novel.

We did have the boys' piano lessons to go to after tea and Laura and I went on our shopping errands, which included Laura finding a present for David. Mostly successful, we headed back to pick up the boys and then collect Rachel. That took some time as we hit traffic from an accident and had to take an alternate route. But we made it home in time to eat some sandwiches before heading out to our now traditional evening at the St. Francis Brass Quintet Concert.

The concert is given free of charge each Christmas and we have enjoyed it for several years in a row. The musicians come from the Indianapolis Symphony Orchestra and are very talented. It is a great concert for children and they also serve lovely refreshments afterward. It's a nice moment of peace in the hectic schedule and the traditional music brings back all kinds of Christmas memories: Vermont, upstate New York, central Pennsylvania, Uganda, Chicago, Pittsburgh, Scotland, and of course Indianapolis. Oh the richness of childhood memories! And that is what I'm putting forth the energy for right now for my children -- so they too will have that treasure to look back upon someday. As my sister says, "Mothers are the keepers of Christmas."


Everydaythings said...

I think you richly deserve the title of being one of the best mothers I have ever come across the dedication to your family is phenomenal! happy Christmas to you and your lovely family Heather!

Unknown said...

Aww. What a sweet thought..."Mothers are keepers of Christmas." :)

elizabeth said...

a mentor, what a blessing you have! that book of letters sounds great! you are doing so much! keep stealing moments of rest too! God bless and keep you!