Saturday, December 6, 2014

December 6

I've always liked December 6 because as a child it had such a pretty door on my advent calendar and behind it was a lovely picture of Santa Claus because today is St. Nicholas' Day.

Most of the day can be heard about on the Burrowwood post but when I returned home I found our own fireplace ablaze and a Christmas tree all set up and waiting for decorations. The kids begged for a "snack dinner" in the living room and fortunately, with some foraging in the fridge and pantry, there was enough food to grant their wish, not to mention two bottles of sparkling cider (non-alcoholic) that have been forgotten in the pantry for nearly 2 years.

Michael and I sat and watched the kids put up the decorations and then sat with amusement listening to the funniest and best conversations going back and forth. Precious times!


Pom Pom said...

Aw! How perfect!

Unknown said...

We know have the children do most of the decorating's SO lovely and refreshing!!! :D I love hearing them exclaim over ornaments and the memories associated with them!!! :D