Wednesday, December 3, 2014

December 3

I got up later this morning because I'd stayed up too late sewing. :( But we managed to get our necessary schoolwork done before we had to leave at 11:48 for writing class. Good thing the kids can throw their lunch together on their own because I was too busy trying to collect the library books, mail that needed to be sent, and my shopping lists. I ate my turkey, crackers and nuts while driving.

Laura and I, the shopping buddies, dropped the boys off at writing class and headed to Aldi's, Meijer, and Walmart for the weekly shop. Plus I wanted to start purchasing things on my Christmas list so I don't have to do it all at once. I decided to buy Laura gummy bears while in line at the store. She was being so good and looking at them and not asking for them. All the kids, and the parent, enjoyed them.

After getting the boys we paid our weekly visit to the library to exchange out books and pick up our holds. Books from the library are one of my most favorite things. We drove through the park on the way home -- 20mph for several miles, enjoying beauty on either side of the road. Then it was a mad dash to get all the groceries unloaded and put away so I could take the younger two and run THREE more errands before picking up Rachel from school.

That required some quiet time to recover from when I got home. I managed to get in a little more sewing and while cooking dinner finally took the extra leaves out of the dining table and put a Christmas tablecloth on so something more would look festive around here. Chicken stir-fry for dinner and, thankfully, kids to clean up while I got just a bit more sewing done. And now it is early to bed tonight!

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HeatherMavis said...

Ahhh, productivity, creativity in action!