Monday, December 22, 2014

December 22

I didn't take very many pictures was a very slow sort of day. I have two very sick patients and a bunch in recovery. No baking while this is going on -- I have 6 batches of cookie dough sitting in the fridge from Saturday -- waiting until it is safe to cook around here. But the slowness was a gift and we all slept in and took things very easy.

My back room has been driving me crazy with how messy and disorganized everything is from all the Christmas projects. I took some time to declutter and reorganize so that I could properly start into cutting out and sewing Laura's Christmas present. I spent all afternoon sewing and the results look good! Laura will be so excited!

There was time to sit at the computer and email out our Christmas greetings. And I took a few minutes to run to the store for some seltzer water. Two of us were interested in the mountains of leftovers from yesterday. The other recoverees wanted salami sandwiches (???). Afterward we all watched Christmas with the Kranks.

I think everyone is safely tucked in their beds now! Perhaps tomorrow will bring better health!

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