Wednesday, December 17, 2014

December 17

Well the frazzle of the season has reached near dew-point. But, I managed to get 4 packages out the door to the post office this morning and that relieves some of the deadlines. And I've made some baking lists and day-to-day to-do lists. Tomorrow is my last day to try to buy presents for the kids. I hope I find what I need!

Andrew finished his first semester today! He's worked hard to adjust to online school and to complete his courses. All three boys finished their fall semester of Writing Class today. That meant Author's Teas for both classes -- refreshments, hot drinks, and the students reading aloud one of their writing assignments.

After the Authors' Teas we headed to Auntie C's so the little kids could decorate a gingerbread house and the rest of us could just enjoy a visit since somehow we don't really get to see each other that often. Mom was there too!

Then it was time to come home and face the music for the rest of the day's work. Turkey soup needed to be finished up for dinner and there was baking that had to be done for delivery on Thursday. I'm not sending cards this year, but that doesn't mean I'm not sending cards. :) There are still some people that don't have computers or that only hear from me at Christmas, etc. So there are a few cards to send. Maybe more than a few.

Well, I think I better get some rest and be well-prepared for a day of shopping tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

Busy beaver...or should I say elf? :) Oh, that book on the bottom of my pile is Elizabeth Goudge's A Book of Comfort - anthology of poems etc. Just FYI. :)