Wednesday, December 24, 2014

December 23

Another peacefully slow day. Some spent a lot of time sleeping but others were busy playing together or building models in their room. I went out to do the final food shop. It was nice to take my time and not feel rushed. There was time to talk to people I met while out, time to interact with humanity rather than just rush on by.

I read something on Ann Voskamp's instagram yesterday. "It's the strangest, most wondrous thing: when you open up your hands and say yes to whatever God wants to give you, you are really holding on to the hands of God....your very big God can make anything, no matter how bad, into a gift." Isn't this so true. Sometimes it takes awhile to open our hands and there is often great pain involved. But the very heart of the Gospel breathes out "all will be well". This is what I heard from the mouth of a friend as we stood in Aldi and she told about the tragedies and hardships this year had brought to her life and yet the strange good that had come from it.

I spent the afternoon finishing up the handmade gifts (which are pretty much all for Laura). Andrew helped me start wrapping. My goal is not to wrap on Christmas Eve night but I think this year my plans have gone awry since I haven't been able to get baking done.

A few pineapples were sent out to neighbors -- no homemade baking from this house! And there were more leftovers for dinner. The children sat in a row on the couch and watched a movie afterward and the parents got to choose their own movie upstairs. And there was some lovely knitting while watching.

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willow said...

Happy Christmas, Heather. It sounds as if the poorly people are on the mend now, I hope you will all be well f05 Christmas Day.