Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Another Weekend in the Books

In which I discuss flower therapy, beavers, and schedules....

The days run into a blur and it is hard to distinguish one from the other sometimes. Sunday is easy to recall as we have a different schedule: sleeping in, pancakes for breakfast, morning church at home, lunch, a two-hour rest on my bed, time with the kids, evening church zoom call, and then family pow-wow.

Saturday included teaching Drew how to do his taxes and working on my closet tidying project. One quarter of the vegetable/flower garden is looking nice and is now planted with lettuce and pea seeds! I haven't been this organized about the garden in years. But it still leaves the rest of that garden and about 16 additional spaces equivalent to what's already done.

I was back to what I call flower therapy on Monday. The wholesaler was down to "grocery store flowers" (mums, carnations, and alstroemeria). Our bouquets have a reputation for looking different than the grocery store so something had to be done. I ordered lots of greens and my sister and I foraged for sticks and branches we could use to dress up the bouquets. We were happy with the results.

Incidentally, if you run out of meat, you could always try catching yourself a beaver. A friend sent me a photo of her neighbor with the beaver he hunted to eat. I didn't realize we were in quite such desperate times, but apparently we are. I'm trying not to think of Narnia.....

Flower therapy gave me a chance to be alone all day, which was a good break from the full house we have right now. I love working alone. I spent the day listening to music and podcasts. In case you think my job is pure bliss, there is a lot of heavy lifting too! And I'm always ready to sit down and not move when I'm finished.

The kids had a soft start to e-learning on Monday. We have a new schedule in place to keep everyone moving and avoid afternoons of complete boredom. I will include it below. Please note that "Teatime" does not run from 4-6 -- that is an alternative time for computer.

The weather has been nice lately but I see 40's forecasted 6 out of 10 of the next days. That might hamper our "get outside plans", at least for me. I drove through the city yesterday after work and all the magnolia trees were in complete and perfect bloom. It was breathtaking. A gift to have an early spring with steady temps to allow those trees to bloom. Next week might not have been the best week for them (I see many possibilities of a frost).

And now, onward and upward into the next day.

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