Thursday, April 9, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Ordinary Days

In which I discuss the tiny miracles of everyday life....

The days run into each other now and at an overall glance seem so ordinary, and yet if I followed myself around with a camera I would remember that these days are filled with so many extraordinary moments: like the storm that rolled in last night and made the Bradford Pear trees glow with white, or the hidden stream I stood beside and heard a miniature waterfall in the distance while walking down the wooded path, or the nodding heads of the Lenten Roses I was given as they settled into their new location, or the child that cooperated when asked to do garden chores, or the hotdogs in the fridge that allowed for an easier dinner, or the soothing feeling of cotton fabric layers sliding through my fingers into the sewing machine, or the joy on my daughter's face when she gets a letter in the mail, or the sound of the bagpipes signaling someone is practicing without being reminded, or the extraordinarily loud sound of peepers in our woods which I've never heard before, or the metallic green bug hopping down the sidewalk in front of me, or the uncommon patience of the cello teacher with my son who likes to crack dad jokes in the middle of a serious conversation about music, or the few moments to capture spring blossoms with paint and paper, or sitting outside for dinner and it being tolerably warm out, or the unexpected answer to a prayer for something specific, or finding grape hyacinths blooming by the front door. These are things that so easily slip my mind when I try to remember what happened yesterday.

Food Eaten: tea and toast, leftover chicken and rice, Dundee cake for tea!!, hotdogs, asparagus, and sweet potatoes for dinner, with a piece of toast before bed.

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