Saturday, April 25, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Last Full Week of April

One of the highlights of my week was using Queen Elizabeth's birthday as an excuse to convince a child to bake a cake and to sit down and enjoy it with the kids. The beauty of the scene made me so happy, and so did the sugar and tea. 

I've been working on figuring out how to paint this garden all week. Attempts 2 and 1 pictured. Expecting more attempts this coming week! The lockdown is helping me to find a little time most days to practice art!

I've kept my sewing machine set up in the front room behind the little couch kids sit on to watch movies. This way I can get in a little sewing each evening while we watch an episode. One evening this week I sewed a few custom masks for family. The masks are improving -- these had adjustable wiring for over the nose, and an extra pocket to slip filter material in, which I now hear that stockings (hose, whatever you call them) are some of the best filter materials out there!

 I did our grocery shopping on Friday, including some for Michael's mom. Bedding plants were on sale! I got to pick out ones for my mother-in-law's front baskets.

We had a wonderful family hike mid-week in a local park (Eagle Creek, the free part). The wildflowers were amazing. I especially enjoyed the Virginia Bluebells.

I'm surprised how I've gotten into recording my little "Nature Nibbles" episodes several times a week. It's been fun to share spring as it blooms with everyone. (If you aren't on Instagram and Facebook, you can find them on Youtube -- just search for Heather LeFebvre.)

Laura and I are starting a new tradition on Friday afternoons -- baking, gardening, and watching our own movie. This week we watched the 2016 version of Pollyanna, which I thoroughly enjoyed, probably because of the lovely English village it was set in.

Laura and I got a bunch of flower seeds planted in our garden. The colors of spring are so lovely right now: blue, gray-blue, chartreuse green, baby pink, purple....

And now for the weekend! We have a birthday to celebrate. See you next week!

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