Wednesday, April 15, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Back Inside

Do you wake up every morning and have that lightbulb moment of recognition a few seconds after wakening where you remember we are in a pandemic? It happens to me every morning. And my first daily act of self-care is to take those thoughts and channel them in the right direction. I do a lot of taking my mind by the hand and leading it where it should go instead of where it wants to go. Every morning I have to remind myself of some basic truths before I do anything else: I don't need to live in fear, I am a person of faith and my trust is in the God who has every detail of this under control, I can walk through another day one step at a time. 

A big part of keeping my mind where it needs to be involves keeping my world small.  Oh I get the news via email once or twice a day, and my husband shares some with me, and I might hear a late night show clip before bed, but that's enough. And I try to remember I don't need to take on the entire world's problems, and tears, and griefs. I can briefly hand those to God in prayer and then focus my emotional and prayer energy on my family, my friends, and my immediate community.

I find it very interesting that I'm not taking many photos right now. In fact I often struggle to find one photo to post with my update. We are doing the same things everyday. And I'm not getting out and about to find new and exciting things that must be caught on camera. But, I don't miss those things I'm not doing or seeing. I love thinking about these pieces of information and what they might mean.

I love days of routine and that was our Tuesday. School for the kids, painting for me, work in his office for Michael, research and reading in the afternoon and then housework and tidying in the late afternoon and early evening. And some sewing while watching our evening half episode of Foyle's War.

Food Eaten: Tea and Toast and fruit salad, leftover soup and more fruit salad, leftover cake, more leftover soup and toast! One rice krispie treat nest for dessert. 

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elizabeth said...

I really appreciated your words about how in the morning you wake up and need to redirect your thoughts. THIS is where the battle really is: within us. It's hard to wake up and realize it's still true, this situation. But you are right, we are women of faith, we can have a (more) peaceful day with Christ no matter what is going on in the world at large.