Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Making Masks

In which I discuss masks, cold weather, and the pink moon....

This was the day I made our fabric masks. I think I've been putting that off since this started: maybe because I know they are mostly ineffective at protecting us from the virus, maybe because I wanted to work on other things, maybe it was a form of denial. In any case, part of my reasoning in making the masks is to encourage whatever measures the government puts in place for fighting this virus. Peer pressure helps, and if more people follow the guidelines, it will encourage more people to follow the guidelines. And I do see that there are fringe benefits to the masks: they do keep coughs contained and are a physical reminder to keep all the distancing rules in place.

Everyone got to choose their own color -- Laura and I are having floral masks, Michael and the boys mostly navy, David choose off white so he can add a mustache. I used the pattern from the Washington Post and found the ponytail holders to be very effective elastic pieces. In the end, the masks were easy to sew and actually kind of fun.

We are about to hit 10 days of very cool weather -- with nights hovering around 33. I'm concerned that if we have a frost our lilacs will be ruined along with so many other plants and trees right now. While this warm weather is here (low 70's) I'm trying to get work done in the garden. I cleared another 1/4 of the vegetable/flower garden and dug up a bunch of black eyed susan's to pass on to a friend. In return I was given a coveted Lenten Rose! I am so excited -- for the garden and for the art possibilities.

Laura had her first FaceTime piano lesson. Now we have all three of our music lessons online! If only we could keep going this way afterward I could cut out a lot of driving!

Michael and I got out on a walk. The neighborhood is awash in blooms of all shapes and colors. I can't help but nearly burst with joy from the sight. What will I do with ten very cold days of not walking??? (Walking in cold temperatures, even when bundled up, creates the effects of a severe allergic reaction in me and is thus very tiring and means a difficult rest of the day.) The tree outside my bedroom window is covered in white blossoms. Twice a year I get treated to a stunning view: the white blossoms in spring and the vivid red of fall. The spring view is very soothing.

The day ended with the beautiful pink moon. Michael saw it on the way home from delivering the plants and he called us all out to walk down the street and see it. The sky was an incredible hue of cerulean and Payne's gray mixture and there was the moon, all round, and huge, and golden. It's the pink moon because it is the first moon of spring.

Food Eaten: a gluten-free bagel, pear, and tea, leftover April Fool's "cake" and an apple, crackers and blueberries, Pasta Carbonara with asparagus and dipping sauce.

Pink Moon photo courtesy of my friend Janet.


Laura said...

That moon was incredible! Love the masks! And yes! Spring is joy!! Thanks for writing

Catherine said...

I have been so overwhelmed with the mask thing, because I had already packed up my sewing stuff in anticipation of moving (which is now not happening any time soon!). Josh made himself one out of a bandanna and some rubber bands. My mother made some sort of intricate thing that involved cutting up a pie plate and using multiple layers of a certain type of interfacing! But I think your point is right--it's more about the reminder than the actual protection.