Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Over the Weekend

I managed to come by this sprig of blooming crab apple and a friend brought me some of her verbena. Oh the perfume and the beauty!!!! I need to plant more blooming trees and bushes in my garden -- there seems to be a gap of beauty!

One thing I've noticed about lockdown is the amount of pictures I am not taking. There are no events to record, no beautiful tables capes created for company to photograph, no trips to gardens, etc. Mostly that's fine, because I need the rest from going, going, going, hosting, hosting, hosting. But sometimes I miss the beautiful pictures. (I took the above and below pictures to specifically record the state of our lockdown house.)

How do you like the combination of Psalms, Wind in the Willows, and Harry Potter all hanging out on the coffee table with the dead flowers! ha ha ha!

I did have fun over the weekend taking a piece of art (by Helen Dealtry) and turning it into a Harris Tweed "painting". Laura and I watched the new Little Women while I did this. Actually, I think it was the incredible wool and wool plaid outfits that the girls were wearing that inspired me to grab my stash and start cutting.

The redbud trees are blooming! You know, so much of my nature observation takes place from the van as I drive the kids everywhere and of course that is not happening now. The world I'm observing is so much smaller.

We discovered a trail on Sunday afternoon with the most wildflowers I've ever seen in one place. I was thrilled to find Wild Ginger and its flowers since I've wanted to see this for some time and haven't run across it.

We also found a beautiful, deserted inlet.

Laura has been working on her new art: card designs.

Mondays I head down to the city to continue my work as a bouquet maker. So glad flowers are considered essential in our state! yay! While waiting for my flowers to hydrate I took a walk around the neighborhood and got to enjoy these crab apple blooms!

 And then I spent the rest of Monday making these bouquets. It's been some weeks since I could buy roses and it was a special treat to unpack 96 huge coral roses.

I think I'm going to reduce the amount of my weekly Lockdown posts. I originally thought we'd only be home for 6 weeks or less and that things might become more dramatic than they have. Now that it looks like we will be in some form of lockdown for a long time, I think it would be wisest for me to limit my blogging time in order to focus on other creative pursuits. I would still like to show up here on a regular basis. We will see!

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Shirley in Washington said...

Hi Heather - Thank you for your quarantine diary! I have enjoyed each one of your blog posts. The flowers are so beautiful. I am glad that in Washington state nurseries are considered essential though I have heard in other states that is not the case. Blessings to you and your family! And thanks again for the time you have given to your blog. Shirley