Friday, April 17, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Midweek

Life on the home front is pretty much the same day after day. I'm getting into such a nice routine that I really don't want it interrupted. The cold and rainy weather has made it easier to stay indoors and there isn't the pressure of gardening to do. Although, I have been obsessive about protecting my delicate lilac blooms through three nights of frost and hard frost so far, one more to go. Lilacs are such beautiful gifts of spring and they only last about a week and I WAIT ALL YEAR FOR THEM! I cannot have the bad weather stealing my joy! So, we relocated the bird feeder to the lilac bush and it acts as a support to drape a large quilt over. I'm hoping for blooms next week. The lilac traditionally blooms around Laura's birthday.

Meals, schoolwork, desk work, reading, drinking tea, watching an episode of Foyle's War, that pretty much sums up our days right now. I try to throw in a little closet tidying, some texting, and a few hours of research and painting as well.

I am pondering what changes I want to take with me into life after lockdown. Is there a way I could actually stay at home at least 3-4 days a week?! (Instead of maybe only just 1?) Could I keep my calendar more clear? Could I simplify grocery shopping and shopping in general? A lot of it comes down to choosing simpler and less and saying no. I'm going to need a lot of mental strength!

It feels very odd to have April 15 pass and not have turned in my taxes. I won't feel right until they are done and turned in. But I do like putting them off because it is such a mental task for me, and so complicated. Maybe I should take time to start this Saturday.

David finally finished up his mask! 

Laura is loving her discovery of writing and receiving letters by real mail! It makes me so happy since so much of my under 20-s life was spent centered around the letters I wrote and received. I think she sent out four this morning! Ten more days and she turns 10! Yikes!

Food Eaten: tea and toast for breakfast most days, sausage and onions with potatoes or rice and broccoli and asparagus Wednesday, Korean chicken and rice with veg on Thursday. Thursday lunch was pancakes with fruit! Wednesday lunch was leftover soup.

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