Saturday, April 4, 2020

Life on the Home Front: End of Spring Break

In which I discuss the end of an era, magnolia blossoms, and a good movie....

Today was a contemplative sort of day, which meant there was a lot going on in my head and I needed to slack off the to-do list a bit.

For the first time in three weeks I made the trek back to David and Laura's school building. We were picking up some supplies for the last term of school as well as being given back the kleenex and clorox wipes we'd all brought in at the beginning of the school year. YAY! Our family now owns one container of clorox wipes!

It was an interesting experience sitting in the car line for an hour and a half contemplating this end of an era for David. Our family has only been a part of this community since the start of this school year 8 months ago. Many families in the car line have been at the school for up to 9 or 10 years. David will graduate 8th grade this year and never return to this campus. Imagine the kids who have been here their whole lives and now don't get to have that graduation they've looked forward to all that time.

Teachers and staff lined the car line with their cars and sat with open trunks to wave and smile and send virtual hugs to the kids. I still only know a handful of teachers and one or two staff members. I felt a little bit out of place, but was delighted to see Laura's teacher who has made this first year of traditional school the best possible experience for Laura.

On the way home from school I drove by a friend's house to visit her magnolia tree. It's in perfect bloom right now and there are no restrictions on getting up close and personal with the blossoms! All that beauty helped replenish my soul and get my head out of my thoughts a well as provide inspiration for the next week of painting.

I went back out into the garden before the weekend rain. I have one-fourth of the vegetable garden weeded and planted! I dug up a bunch of blackberry shoots and sent them down to a neighbor. And I put the pea seeds in a bowl of water to soak overnight. Some of the kids convinced us to eat our hot soup outside on the patio at dinner.

Before our evening movie I face-timed with friends who have just moved from Scotland to Australia -- they moved in the nick of time! It was good to hear first-hand how they are and what their new life is like.

My choice of a movie! I chose Woman in Gold, which I have not seen before. It's based on a true story and tells of an Austrian woman who fights to get back her family art stolen by the Nazis. It turns out the art was created by Klimtz AND it's art I've actually seen in person at the Neue Gallery in NYC! I love when life and history connect like that. Now I want to go back! (Plus, that Neue Gallery has the most amazing Austrian restaurant.)

I did take a walk in the woods to capture the latest blooms for my nature videos and got a quick magnolia painting in.

Food Eaten: Toast and tea, more leftover rice and Indian chickpeas, a piece of Sticky toffee pudding for tea, beef soup, scone, salad, and an apple for dinner.

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