Friday, April 10, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Easter Weekend

In which I discuss Zoom, painting, and chicken stir-fry....

Did you know that Zoom has an "improve your appearance" setting? I can't stop laughing about this! I learned this useful information on one of my favorite podcasts yesterday (Happier in Hollywood -- a bizarre podcast choice for me it would seem, but oddly one I rarely miss an episode of). Anyway, under the preferences or settings, there is indeed a checkbox marked "improve my appearance" and it actually works! It's like instantly putting on make-up. Who knew?! Another reason for me not to worry about make-up for many months to come!

This whole virus situation is forcing us all to improve on our technology. Zoom this and FaceTime that. I hope our future life will take advantage of some of this stuff to keep me home more! Special thanks today to Hope, our bagpipe teacher (and friend!), who Face-Timed in for James' lesson.

I am making a priority of sitting down with my paints about five times a week right now. It helps that I have a table where my paints can be constantly out. And, I'm learning to work on 2-5 paintings at once, since with watercolor and gouache there is a lot of pausing to let things dry. I've been painting spring flowers as they bloom as well as finishing up some commissions.

The weather is colder again, although the sun is deceivingly bright. I'm worried about my beautiful lilacs which should bloom in one more week but are going to be in trouble with the three nights of frost coming up. I do think I see lettuce and radishes popping up in the garden! A gratifying sight after all the hard work I put in.

The kids continue with their online school. Certain ones have more work to do than others -- the 4th grader has more than the 8th grader? And the sophomore more than the senior? Some are bored, others are busy and contented.

We had chicken stir fry for dinner which was delicious and everyone ate up happily. I took a rest after dinner because I was so tired. It was peaceful lying on my bed and staring out the window at the sky and the greening trees and the white blossoms. We ended the evening with Foyle's War and I tried to knit but I've been doing so many creative things that my arms are now in a roaring fire of pain and I can't find my splints!

Food Eaten: leftover rice and hotdog, muffins, chicken stir-fry

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elizabeth said...

big hugs! don't injure yourself further - that sort of pain can lead to more problems - I do hope you find your splits - my Husband has been in this before - best taken care of quickly so it is not a more involved problem taking more time to heal. much love to you!!! Blessed Easter even if at home (as opposed to church etc) !!! Christ is Risen!