Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Life on the Home Front: Easter

Easter weekend has come and gone. A photo journal entry seemed appropriate to record the days as they happened. 

I went to the grocery store Friday morning, enmasked. It wasn't as difficult as I thought and not as crowded as I expected. People are all polite about social distancing. The store had all the necessary items on my list too!

Friday afternoon I did some art projects with David and Laura -- we made poster signs for our evening adventure and I watercolored some egg cards. We also made an extra large snack: deviled eggs, rice krispie nests, and Brazilian cheese puffs. We were all delighted to enjoy such a delicious afternoon snack!

After tea time, James grabbed his bagpipes and we took our posters and we headed out to wish grandparents and family a Happy Easter from the safety of the curbside. The sound of the bagpipes drew people out of their houses to observe our Easter greetings on the posters. The family even got to meet their newest cousin for the first time in person (of course from 12 feet away).

Saturday seemed like an all-day bake-a-thon, even though there were only six of us for Easter this year rather than the crowd we typically host. Laura helped me make hot cross buns and gluten-free hot cross buns and a gluten-free bunny cake.

The regular hot cross buns looked and smelled amazing. The gluten-free ones, not so much. Maybe I should stick to gluten-free scones flavored like hot cross buns. 

 I met with my London girls for an hour on Zoom -- we even sketched and drank tea while we talked! ha ha!

 Saturday evening we ate grilled cheese and tomato soup and then got the house tidied and the table set for Sunday.

Sunday morning we enjoyed our buns and our typical morning worship service at home with the recorded sermon. Michael gets to watch himself preach! Afterward we sat down for Easter lunch: ham, rice salad, asparagus, and fruit salad.

I insisted we get a family photo despite the cold and wind. Just so you know -- we are standing on a slope, so some kids appear taller than they are!

The egg hunt had to be held indoors due to the weather. Michael and Drew hid the eggs and the younger three found them.

And since we had no guests this year the three kids got to have ALL the eggs to themselves!

We re-gathered for tea and dessert at 5:30 right before our evening church Zoom meeting. We had Laura's delicious gluten-free bunny cake. I think it's the best cake we've made in a long time. We used  this recipe without the cake enhancer.

 We also made some FaceTime calls to family and friends. All-in-all it was a very different Easter, but a restful one given the circumstances.

And then it was Monday and time to go back to work at my flower therapy job -- 30 bouquets for the market to sell. I think flowers are even more important right now because everyone is stuck inside. Creating bouquets brings me joy, but I am always very tired when I get home, and am careful not to plan much the rest of the day!

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Catherine said...

I love the word "enmasked." :)

Your egg cards look like Tasha Tudor made them! And your Easter table flowers look lovely.