Friday, December 14, 2012

December 14

With the tragic events in Connecticut today it was easy to choose this picture to capture our day: overwhelming thankfulness of what we have (each other) and sorrow for those who will now face the holidays without their precious children and loved ones. It puts problems into perspective, doesn't it!

We spent the day working on crafts, drinking tea, making magazine trees, eating homemade turkey soup, tasting Christina's fruitcake, sewing hats, a new ornament, spending hours in the kitchen baking, cooking down the last of the fall pumpkins and making pumpkin pie for dinner but forgetting to put in any kind of sweetener! Dishes, bed-time routine, texts with friends around the world, will I get to the Christmas knitting?

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Laura said...

Hey... Love all your posts!!! you sure pack in a lot in one day..:)... love it.. looking forward to see everyone again tomorrow.. we will make more memories... !!! love you...