Monday, December 31, 2012

December 31

Michael and I slept in and awoke to a most wonderful surprise. The children had risen earlier and cleaned up the downstairs and done the dishes. Quite a welcome miracle! Especially since we were expecting guests at 10 a.m. If only this was a sign of what the year ahead might be! Michael and I joined our guests for coffee and tea in the living room and enjoyed chatting for several hours. Rachel left to spend the day with a friend and the boys headed outside. Laura lay down for a quick nap and just when I picked my novel up she awoke. That meant it was time to start potty training her. I am happy to report that our first afternoon of our second attempt went 100% better than our first attempt this past summer. We shall see how day 2 goes...... We enjoyed a cheese and cracker dinner in the living room and played a card game and then had the children play charades. Pleadings to stay up and watch the ball drop resulted in the idea to watch a video of the ball dropping in 2012! Everyone was happy with that idea and afterward we tucked the children in and said goodbye until next year. And now to bed early!

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