Thursday, December 20, 2012

December 20

Oh the bliss of sleeping in! Especially when your sister texts and asks if you could possibly come 30 minutes late to her house?! Absolutely! It was my first time to visit Emily's house today! I loved it! We all loved it! We made gingerbread houses and ate Emily's yummy lunch, and toured the house, and looked in the basement, and pulled open drawers and (I never looked in the fridge!). The kids did with candy what they usually do with legos. Then we drove home into a rainstorm and the kids went to a neighbor's for an art lesson and I drove out for an afternoon of food shopping. The most restful part of the afternoon was stopping to see a friend who is in rehab. I did not want to pull myself off her bed and go out into the now plunging temperatures and gusting winds to finish the last three stores. But I did it and got home to put everything away and make dinner (since I had failed to pull one of my meals from the freezer to put in the crockpot). And now that the kids are in bed it is time to head off to knitting. This may be my last evening to do Christmas knitting so I better get busy! At least I have a large mug of tea, a mince pie, some gluten free gingerbread cookies (the best!) to comfort me against the every blowing winds outside the house.


Brenda@CoffeeTeaBooks said...

It sounded like the end of the world last night! Victoria was not amused. You were brave driving in that rain.

Waiting for the roads to clear this morning so I can do my grocery shopping for Christmas Eve, when we will have feast day.

Laura said...

OH I love this post... especially the is so funny.. we are all doing what we do... it was such a fun day at Ems.. but we always have fun when we are together.. it is so funny... looking forward to seeing you tomorrow... how do you ever do so much!!!