Thursday, December 27, 2012

December 27

What a treat to get our heat fixed this morning!!! And a nice, simple (read: not breaking the bank) fix too!! Michael decided he now lived in a palace, since that is what having heat made him feel like. I braved the slushy roads to get the food shopping done and then came home to have a lovely tea time with a friend from afar. That did my heart good. Then the gang and I headed down the street to enjoy the afternoon with some of the neighbors. We have the most wonderful representation of nationalities on our street so we discussed holiday traditions in South Africa, Portugal, and India, and we could have gone on to others..... Upon returning home I found the perfect chance to sit and enjoy a book in the living room and chat with my sister by phone. Leftovers were pulled from the refrigerator for dinner and with the delay of our out of town guests by one night it was decided that the five haircuts that need to be done should happen tonight! I have currently completed 2 of the 5. And now off to finish......

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