Saturday, December 29, 2012

December 28

I slept in and when I came downstairs my friend called to say that her baby might be on the way. I grabbed some teabags and my knitting and headed over to spend the morning with her children. Once the grandparents arrived I headed home, stopping to get a flu shot and diapers on the way. After lunch I finished cleaning the house, scrubbing bathrooms, doing dishes, sweeping. There was a few minutes for enjoying the picked up living room and the novel that has turned into the perfect Christmas story and then the cousins arrived from Cleveland! YAY! We haven't seen them in 1 1/2 years. We spent the afternoon talking and had pizza for dinner (interrupted by the news of a baby GIRL born to my friend -- too exciting!!!) before the men headed out to see the Hobbit. I warned Michael he would probably run into someone he knows at the theater (he rarely goes, but when he does, he usually sees someone....). Michael laughed that off but then texted to say he actually did! He ran into Laura's neurosurgeon and an OR nurse and managed to get the final MRI reading verbally from her! Good news: Laura's cyst has not grown in the last 6 months and may even have diminished. This is an answer to prayer! Michael's sister, Nicole, and I sat the children in front of their own movie and that gave us a chance to talk ourselves for several hours before tucking the children away for the night.


Anonymous said...

Goodness me, your days seem absolutely packed to the brim, one after another! What a great story about getting good medical results at the cinema. Wishing you and your family every happiness in 2013 - when it comes.

Heather Anne said...

To cute Heather - I love their cheesy smiles! What a busy time of it you have had! I'm glad your furnace is fixed and keeping you all warm - always nice when it isn't a big expense!