Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Annual Goodwill Shop

My sisters and I have been shopping at the December Goodwill 50% off Saturday for so many years that it has now become tradition. This year mom joined us!!! We had so much fun!

For my birthday I received money to spend at Goodwill. This was a HUGE treat for me and it was fun to look around and think I could buy things I wanted.

We started when the doors opened and managed to go to three different stores! Check out the length of the line! All the way to the far corner of the store.....

then turning the corner towards the front.....

and all the way to the cash registers. At least we could have one person stand in line and the others could look, or we could just stand and talk away.

Here we are -- the Goodwill shopping buddies!!!!!

Another nice thing is that with a Goodwill rewards card you get an extra 10% off which means everything we bought was 60% off!!! YAY! Christina was especially excited to find a couch for her living room! And I had a van.....

We headed to Christina's for a birthday lunch and a few presents -- Emily and I both have December birthdays.

Christina has our great-grandmother's doll collection set up for Christmas:

Don't you love Christina's newly painted hutch with her plaid bunting and the lovely Christmas china!!!

The Goodwill loot: my favorite find was an arran wool cardigan in an exquisite pattern, hand knit and in perfect condition. I LOVE it! Will post a picture sometime. Most surprising find was a brand new duvet cover for my bed. I have been hunting for one for many, many years and never finding one. This one is the perfect color and the right price! I also bought clothes for myself, the children and Michael. I did find a very fun pink, pleated leather purse which will make an appearance sometime and you already saw my cute snowman mug. Two wool sweaters were collected for flower making and some Christmas ornaments and tissue paper as well as a few spring decorations.

Christina had a gingerbread trifle and tea for dessert.

Lunch was delicious and welcome after all our hard work!

Then we did the couch switch-around. The new couch went into Christina's living room thus bumping her upstairs couch to downstairs and then she gave me the basement couch for my front room! I love it! I went home, posted my old couch to Craigslist, and before the evening was out it was gone! YAY!

Here is an ugly, but functional, picture of the front (play) room with the new couch in it! 

And thus ends the Goodwill adventures for the month.

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Bee girl said...

I love Goodwill. How fun your trip looks.