Saturday, December 8, 2012

Remains of the Week

A few things I couldn't resist posting:

Candy cane cookies. The first batch made this week:

Cutting snowflakes:

Sewing presents:

An art workshop:


Laura's request for breakfast every morning: rice kispies 

Another look at my birthday tea:

At the Butler Rejoice Concert:


Tree time:

Michael even dusted off his guitar to entertain us:

This child is eating fruit cake (Dundee cake). Definitely my daughter!

A new thing this year -- a tree for the dining room. Overheard from Laura, "I remember this one James."

Another glimpse at birthday tea and the final course:

And now to bed......

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Anonymous said...

Heather I haven't had much time to read blogs and I see yours is full of many posts since the first of the month, so I will have to come back to catch up. Your 'Remains of the Week' post shows such creativity and celebration. Lovely!